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NFL restricts media access for training camp and preseason due to coronavirus

Prepare for significantly less news as the league locks down media access.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is filled with some robust news, as nearly unlimited media can access some stretching, occasional drills, and nearly each and every player. Typically, camp is the most open event in the league for media access and helps flood us with a barrage of sweet, sweet news we have been desperately missing.

Like everything else, the coronavirus is putting an end to the fun with some seriously restricted media access. The number of press at camp and preseason games will be much smaller, and what the reporters can report on has been cut back significantly, per Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

The restrictions include not reporting on things like what players are practicing with each unit, or literally anything overheard from players, coaches, and personnel. Lots of media will have very limited access, with most outlets certain to publish information from the same pool reports.

This will not be interesting!

This is only a minor inconvenience considering the bigger problems with the coronavirus, which is already causing outbreaks in MLB, NBA, and U.S. Soccer as leagues try to get back to playing.

The league is most certainly making their best efforts to protect their players and staff, but the teams have almost certainly pushed to further restrict media coverage. Some teams are more worried about some competitive advantages leaking out through news coverage. Now those concerns are on display in these new COVID-19 guidelines.

Prepare for the blandest training camp in years.