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Dan Quinn focuses on the coronavirus and adjustments ahead of training camp

Early reports are positive as no Falcons have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

As Atlanta Falcons veterans slowly trickle in to team headquarters in Flowery Branch, the franchise begins to peel back the layers of the 2020 season. Starting today, the team will conduct required COVID testing and virtual meetings for everyone on the squad.

Head coach Dan Quinn had his press conference to officially open up training camp for team. Here are key notes from the the virtual presser:

Quinn is overall impressed with the rookies and their ability to adjust to the current circumstances, which included a number of virtual meetings over the last few months with a lack of person-to-person interaction with coaches and staff.

Coaches will focus on stringing together situational concepts during practices to make up for the absence of preseason games.

Quinn gave credit to the NFL and the NFLPA for coming to an agreement to implement necessary policies in place in time for the training camp.

He did say the team had not decided whether to split the squad in half or cut down to 80 players.

Quinn said that no Falcons players have tested positive for COVID-19 up to the start of the press conference. The daily testing will carry a significant emphasis as the offseason rolls along into the start of the regular season.

As expected, Quinn is optimistic about the current makeup of the team and the possible success the 2020 season may bring and stated that the team will “have to go prove it.”

Quinn expects to filter through a number of masks while on the field during practices.

Quinn said there are no exceptions for the team’s quarterback. Matt Ryan will not be isolated from the team during this phase of training camp and will undergo proper protocols for COVID-19 testing.

So far, no player has told Quinn they intend to opt out of playing this season. That’s not the case for others teams, with the Patriots already losing multiple players who have opted out, for example.

Overall, it was a positive press conference for a team that seems to be in good shape at the moment. Let’s hope it stays that way.