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NFL Network ranks Grady Jarrett as the NFL’s 91st best player

Well, at least he’s ranked this year.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One of the most underrated players on the Atlanta Falcons is defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. The son of former Falcons great Jessie Tuggle, Jarrett has emerged as one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL. Although Falcons fans know how dominant Jarrett can be, recognition has been slower to arrive on the national stage.

Still, we’re getting there. The NFL Network ranked Grady Jarrett at No. 91, whereas last year he was (pretty incredibly) unranked.

Jarrett is coming off of the 2019 season where he was selected to the Pro Bowl and recorded career-bests with 7.5 sacks and 69 combined tackles. At only 27-years old, there’s no reason that Jarrett can’t continue to grow as a player, and we fully expect that he has more dominant years ahead of him.

How is he only 91st? This list has been good for entertainment purposes and not much else for years now, dating back to 2012 when Tim Tebow made the list and Matt Ryan didn’t, or when Blake Bortles ranked much higher than Andrew Luck.

Simply getting on the list this year after an absence next year tells you that appreciation of Jarrett’s game is increasing. Regardless of that appreciation, he’ll be one of the five or so best defensive tackles in the NFL this year, and that’s what really matters.