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Seahawks pull off blockbuster trade for Jets S Jamal Adams

The NFC West and the larger NFC just got more interesting.

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The NFC came into 2020 looking like the better conference top-to-bottom. The Chiefs and Ravens make the AFC a force to be reckoned with and I’m not counting out the Patriots and a handful of other teams, but every NFC division has at least two contenders, and I’m not sure you can say the same for the AFC.

The balance of power just shifted a little bit more, as the Seahawks have pulled off a blockbuster trade for star Jets safety Jamal Adams, per a blitz of Established NFL Reporters...reports.

The Seahawks surrendered plenty here, and if the Jets are halfway competent in 2021 and beyond (ha) they’ll turn their two first round selections and third rounder into three capable players, which they badly need. McDougald, who will be 30 this year, is a competent, established starter who could be a fixture in the secondary for the next few years.

Still, Seattle obviously wins, on the principle that getting a star is always better than getting a bunch of maybe stars down the line. Adams is one of the league’s best safeties, full stop, and a physical tone setter who can blitz, pick passes, and raise hell against even the league’s better offenses. He’s the kind of player this Seattle defense, which has been drafting horribly for years and diminishing what was once a great unit, desperately needs.

As a big picture acquisition, this puts Seattle in an excellent position to win the NFC West. The 49ers are still a great team and tough to bet against, but Russell Wilson is a wizard and the defense is undoubtedly terrific with Adams and some of their young pieces, so Seattle is going to push hard if we get to enjoy a full season.

Unfortunately for the Falcons, Seattle is their Week 1 opponent, so the addition of Adams makes them even more of a challenge than they already promised to be. It will be the first great test of the Falcons offense and Dirk Koetter’s learnings from 2019, and an opportunity to prove this offense is more than just a volume passing attack with some flashy pieces.

We’ll see if Seattle can turn the Adams acquisition into a deep 2020 run or not, but certainly it increases their chances of doing so. If Atlanta can get by them and look good doing it, I’d consider it an excellent omen for the rest of the year.