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COVID-19 Q&A: Ask an epidemiologist your questions about the Falcons’ plan to return to football

We all have questions about the pandemic; let’s listen to the experts.

NFL: OCT 27 Seahawks at Falcons Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There’s a healthy amount of skepticism surrounding the NFL’s plan to begin training camp next week. As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, the season feels more and more uncertain.

One of the most significant obstacles to slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus is that we’re getting mixed messages from elected officials. When we’re talking about a pandemic, one that has killed nearly 150,000 people in our nation, it is imperative that we get our medical information from experts. We’re happy to help facilitate that.

COVID-19 is a brutal virus, and it’s extremely contagious. We’ve already seen Juan Soto land on the DL because he was tested two days ago, played an exhibition game on Tuesday, the same day as his test, and today, right before the season opener, his test results showed that he has the novel coronavirus.

Please ask your questions about the pandemic and its potential impact on the NFL in the comments, and we’ll ask the experts to answer them on The Falcoholic Podcast.