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NFL will not hold supplemental draft in 2020, which does not impact the Falcons in any way

Out of all the big news happening around the NFL lately, this is the least consequential.

In this photo illustration the NFL (National Football League... Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Falcons are not frequent supplemental drafters. There’s a running joke among the team here that we could just re-publish the same supplemental draft article over and over again, given that the Falcons never do anything and are barely ever linked to any prospects who could be drafted through it.

That’s why this news, while another major salvo in the league’s “we’ll give up anything but the season” campaign, means very little for Atlanta.

The team last made a supplemental pick in 1980, when they took defensive end Matthew Teague out of Texas A&M with a 7th rounder. He would suffer a major injury, play in 11 games with Atlanta, and be out of the league. The Falcons haven’t touched a prospect out of the supplemental draft since, and while they’ve missed out on some great players because of it, those players have obviously been few and far between.

This won’t impact Atlanta in 2020, but it’s worth noting because the NFL is cutting preseason, the Hall of Fame game, and the supplemental draft in an effort to keep the schedule tight and increase the chances of a season. We’re still a ways away from finding out if they’ll be able to pull it off.