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Falcons announce plans for season ticket holders in 2020

Season ticket holders will be able to use money paid toward individual games, roll over payments, and more.

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The NFL is plowing ahead with 2020 season planning, and I fully expect us to get some kind of regular season, however truncated or weird it may be. With that in mind, teams had to come up with plans for attendance and fans, especially season ticket holders who were beyond eager to find out what was going to happen with their money.

The Falcons have announced those plans today, and if you’re a STH you’re going to want to review them.

Here’s the highlights:

Credit for any funds already paid toward their 2020 season tickets will remain on account to either purchase tickets to select 2020 home games, pay off PSL installments, or can be rolled over to cover costs associated with the purchase of 2021 season tickets.

In other words, the money you’ve already invested is not gone, which has to be the bare minimum anyone was looking to hear.

Should season ticket members choose to keep their season ticket credit on account and are current on their 2020 payment obligations, the 2021 season ticket pricing will be flat (based off the 2020 10-game plan) regardless of whether they attend any 2020 home games.

If season ticket members are interested in pursuing an alternative solution such as a refund, they may reach out to a service representative and the Falcons will work to find the best solution for them.

Additionally, the Falcons will provide members who are paying their annual PSL installments an option to extend their PSL payment terms by one year by deferring either their 2020 or 2021 PSL payment.

Whether or not season ticket members elect to attend home games during the 2020 season, their contractual season ticket seat locations will be protected for the 2021 season.

The long and short of it is that there are options for season ticket holders, whether you want to try to attend games in the midst of whatever the hell might be going on with COVID-19 in the fall, get a refund (maybe, the language here seems deliberately vague), or just roll that money toward the 2021 season, which will hopefully not have the specter of a virus hanging over it.

It’s also worth noting that the team plans to send out a survey to STHs to find out which games they’d like to attend and potentially hold a drawing to decide who gets to go. Things are not normal!

CEO Steve Cannon said the team is continuing to work through what’s obviously a challenging situation, and hopefully what the team ultimately settles on will make as many fans as possible happy.

“This challenge has led us to find new and innovative ways to connect, support and engage with our most important fans, our Falcons season ticket members,” Cannon wrote. “We thank you for your continued loyalty as we work through this process.”