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Devonta Freeman dropped by agent after turning down at least one contract offer

The former Pro Bowl back has yet another party no longer interested in him.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We have been following the ups and downs of Devonta Freeman’s journey since being cut from the Atlanta Falcons, because he was both an important part of this team’s Super Bowl season and because there is nothing going on in football.

Back in May, Freeman reportedly had multiple offers from the Eagles and Buccaneers after reportedly turning down a deal with the Seahawks. Then he was rumored to be skipping 2020 then considering retirement if he was not going to get a better deal. Then in an expletive-filled tweet said he had 10 years left. Also “F all y’all.

May was a long time ago and nothing much has changed with Freeman. There is finally some movement and it is not positive.

This should be considered grim. Agents rarely drop players and it never turns out good for the player. Freeman had strong interest despite three disappointing seasons filled with injuries. Most of those teams have instead signed other players. We don’t have to read between the lines to see that Freeman is asking for way too much money.

Bruce Arians literally said Freeman is asking for way too much money.

Kristin Campbell earned a strong commission on Freeman’s last deal. She was, at the very least, looking at a pay day from Freeman’s prove-it deal in 2020, and hopefully another decent deal in 2021. The odds of that happening were so low that Campbell moved on from Freeman entirely. Speaking of odds, Freeman’s odds of playing this season are starting to diminish.