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In honor of JUL10, here are all the NFL record categories Julio Jones ranks top 10 in

The Falcons have declared July 10th Julio’s day, so let’s celebrate #11 a bit.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s July 10th, and the Falcons have justly declared it JUL10 day. Get it? I hope you get it.

I’m sure the team will have plenty of highlights and interesting articles today to properly honor the greatest receiver in team history, a man who right after Roddy White and is somehow going to smash all the records Roddy set in his decade with the Falcons. I thought we’d chip in to the effort by framing Julio’s current place in history.

So since today is all about the receiver who is basically destined to finish atop the franchise leaderboards in every stat and seems likely to finish among the top 10 in several key NFL statistics, let’s look at where he’s hanging out on league leaderboards today. Happy JUL10!

Single Game

#6, Receiving Yards

He accomplished this by torching the Panthers for 300 yards in 2016 in a game that made the name Bene Benikwere synonymous with crispy toast. He and Calvin Johnson (329, 2013) are the only two players to hit 300 yards since 1990

Single Season

#3, Receptions

Set in 2015, when Kyle Shanahan came to ton and decided throwing to Julio Jones all day every Sunday would be a delight. Julio’s 136 catches tied with Antonio Brown the same year, clocked in just behind Marvin Harrison (143) and lags a bit behind elite tight end Michael Thomas.

#2, Receiving Yards

He trails only the great Calvin Johnson, who somehow put up 1,964 yards in 2012, thanks to his 1,871 yard campaign in 2015. Shanahan would go on to b#alance out the offense by getting the team to add Mohamed Sanu and Austin Hooper, among others, but Julio made it quite clear how capable he is of effectively carrying a passing game.

#7, Receiving Yards Per Game

Clocking in at 117.6 yards per game in that intimidating 2015 season, Julio is only behind Josh Gordon and Calvin Johnson since 1990. Besides those two, Wes Chandler, who leads this list at an eye-popping 129.6 yards per game, is in the top 5 here and piled up enough yards per game since 1962 to make history.


#1, Receiving Yards Per Game

It’s not just that Julio has a signature statistic that implies phenomenal ability, consistency, and efficiency. It’s that he’s so damn far ahead of everyone else.

At 96.2 yards per game, Julio has just two players who are within 10 yards per game of his mark. That’d be feeble Drew Brees toss grabber Michael Thomas (87.2, despite averaging 15 or so more catches per season than Julio) and Odell Beckham Jr. (86.8). Julio’s excellence can be pretty neatly summed up by this statistic, really.

If he stays healthy and football continues to be played, Julio is a virtual lock to end up top 10 in receiving yards and a strong bet to get there in receptions, as well. It’s not an exaggeration to say he’s one of the best receivers ever, so go ahead and take JUL10 to celebrate the fact that he wound up on the Falcons.