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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, July 1

Fact: Dante Fowler owns several life-size replica Chewbaccas

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Falcoholics! The NFL season is [checks watch] just over 2 months away. Will it happen? Who knows! But we’re here, bringing you all the best content Falcons news because we have an unhealthy obsession with this decidedly mediocre franchise.

Don’t get too close to our links. They bite. Hard.

Dante Fowler

Kevin Knight kicked off a new series yesterday with an in-depth profile of recent free agent addition Dante Fowler. (Knight plans to do a deep dive on every projected Falcons starter as part of his “Falcons player profile” series. Definitely worth keeping an eye out.) Fowler could make or break the Falcons defense in 2020. If he can sniff his 2019 production, the young Falcons secondary will be eternally grateful.

Is the 2020 season going to happen?

Our latest podcast is a can’t-miss in that it featured a couple of experts who know a lot about COVID-19 and were generous enough to offer their thoughts about how it could impact the NFL. The fact is that none of us know whether an NFL season is really in the cards. But if it does move forward, there will need to be a variety of precautionary measures in place and buy in from the coaching staff, owners, and players.

Falcons passers

The Falcoholic himself took a look at where Falcons passers stand on the all-time passing leaderboards. Franchise quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan leads in nearly all categories, with one noteworthy exception: yards per attempt. Who edged him out? Give Dave’s piece a read if you’re curious.