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If the pandemic hits the NFL hard this fall, how will your gameday habits change?

If you can’t go to games and the bars are closed, what changes for you?

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at Atlanta United FC Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last decade-plus, I have watched Falcons games in some odd places. In college I watched them on a laptop in the library, I’ve seen them lose to the Giants in a sports bar in the White Mountains of New Hampshire after I asked a very annoyed bartender to turn the game on and plowed my way through a half-dozen Bud heavies, I’ve watched them in a McDonald’s, a Dunkin’ Donuts, in the office of the newspaper I used to work for, squinting at a phone in an airport, and outside by the pool at a friend’s house. When you live a long way away and you absolutely have to see every game, that’s what you do.

There are plenty of fans like me who are all over the globe and have had to find creative ways to watch games for years now, but by and large those fans closer to home in Atlanta have been able to either go to games (though they’re increasingly priced out in the new stadium) or just watched them on television, no NFL Sunday Ticket or sketchy Belarusian stream required. The COVID-19 pandemic may change that.

What I’m interesting in hearing today is how your gameday will change if there are no fans in the stadium and if your local watering holes are not open. For many of us, I suspect habits won’t change significantly, but I’m most interested in hearing from those of you who have rituals that will be impacted by those kinds of changes. Let’s dive in.