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Dan Quinn donates $25,000 to Matt Ryan’s fundraiser for Atlanta’s black community

Quinn backs up his quarterback and the community.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of Drew Brees creating the biggest offseason storyline outside of a pandemic that threatens much of the 2020 season, Matt Ryan responded to the worldwide protests about systemic racism and inequality with a fundraiser. Not only is the fundraiser dedicated to help improving the black community, but he kicked it off with $500,000 of his own cash.

This is a great cause that is, so far, primarily powered by lots and lots and lots of small donations. Each donation is an acknowledgement from each donor that things need improvement in this country. The money can hopefully go towards some great initiatives that can be the first of many steps toward something great.

While the fundraiser is mostly small donations, there are a few big ones, too. The biggest is from Ryan’s coach, Dan Quinn. Quinn dedicated $25,000 to the cause to help push the total donations to over $630,000 after only one day. Quinn and Ryan have been tight since Quinn’s arrival, and this donation should only improve that relationship.

There are a few more notable donations we saw when scanning the list:

  • Rich McKay, $5,000
  • Dave Archer, $1,000
  • Mike Bell, $500
  • Chris Lindstrom, $500
  • Thomas Dimitroff, $10,000 (updated)
  • Dirk Koetter, $5,000 (updated)
  • Greg Knapp, $1,000 (updated)
  • Matt Schaub, $1,000 (Updated)
  • Danny Etling, $250 (Updated)

Lindstrom is notable as the young guard made a good move to both support a great cause and to improve his relationship with Ryan. There are a number of anonymous donations so there is a chance other players and coaches have made larger donations.

If you first saw the fundraiser yesterday and were considering making a donation, this would be a great time to send in your support.