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Report: Dan Quinn will return to Flowery Branch today

With a sweet quarantine beard, no less.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, it has been months since Dan Quinn set foot in Flowery Branch, unless he’s been unwisely sneaking into the facility at night. The rise of the COVID-19 coronavirus ground many leagues to a halt, and for the NFL, it meant closing down team facilities.

The Falcons were able to return to the facility about two weeks ago, with some caveats. At first it was a limited number of people heading to Flowery Branch, and players and coaches were not allowed back at all, unless they happened to be one of an unspecified number of rehabbing players who needed the facilities.

Today, though, Dan Quinn will be back. He’ll be joined by assistant coaches on Monday, per ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, and then we’ll see where this thing goes from here.

A bearded Quinn is likely quite excited to get out of the house and head back to the facility, but this is only news because it indicates that things are still moving in the right direction for the Falcons in terms of getting everyone back in the building and ready for training camp, the next and most crucial milestone on the way for Atlanta. It’ll also likely help the coaching staff to be able to get together in person and keep the planning for 2020 rolling, and I am in favor of anything that helps the Falcons become a better football team next season.

So go ahead and put a check mark next to “coaching staff back to Flowery Branch” and we’ll see what comes next.