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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Monday, June 29


10,000lb Monster Truck Attempts Dangerous Stunt Photo credit should read Austin Burke / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

We’re approaching July, which is just extended June in terms of the offseason dead period. We’ve got your Monday links as usual, so read on for some Falcons news and notes.


In our latest offseason series, we’ve been setting some lines on how we think the Falcons will perform in 2020. Will Calvin Ridley score more than 8.5 touchdowns? Will Julio Jones eclipse 1,565 yards receiving? And will Matt Ryan toss more than 28.5 touchdowns?

A free agent corner?

Cornerback has to be listed as one of the most concerning positions for the Falcons heading into the 2020 season. With the uncertainty in the defensive backfield — and the influx of cash that the team has on hand after the June 1 cut of Desmond Trufant — could the Falcons spend some money on a free agent corner?

Gurley and the ground game

The Falcons brought in Todd Gurley to address the running game, and while his knee is of obvious concern, his success against defenses designed to stop him should mean good things for the Atlanta Falcons.

ESPN’s predictions

We’re a bit bullish on the Falcons heading into 2020, but ESPN disagrees. ESPN is predicting a lackluster season for Atlanta,