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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, June 17

Fact: Dan Quinn’s facial hair has curative properties similar to echinacea and garlic

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Falcoholics! Welcome aboard! You’ll find that we pride ourselves on the appearance and overall maintenance of this ship. Sure, we haven’t cleaned the lavatory in months. And sure, there’s a fair amount of vomit coating the promenade deck. But this vessel is moderately seaworthy—we promise.

Remember: We recommend sautéing and seasoning our links before serving them on a fresh bed of kale.

Pro Bowl

Assuming there is a 2020 season, there will be a Pro Bowl. And if there is a Pro Bowl, it will be played in Las Vegas. And if that Pro Bowl doesn’t feature any Falcons because conference champions are prepping for the biggest game of the year, not a glorified game of two hand touch, I’ll be pretty dang happy.

Demonstrations during the season

Head coach Dan Quinn has gone out of his way to stand in solidarity with the anti-police brutality movement that’s sweeping our country. In fact, when reporters asked him on Monday whether he’d support kneeling or other demonstrations during the 2020 season, his answer was straightforward and as to the point as it gets: “Hell yeah.”

Video games

Are you a Falcons fan? (If you’re reading this, and you aren’t, don’t worry. You just got lost on the internet. Everything is going to be OK. ) Are you a video game buff? Then don’t miss our recent discussion about the most legendary video game Falcon!

Guard depth

Eagles guard Brandon Brooks suffered a major injury and won’t be playing in 2020. That leaves them with internal options and external possibilities. If they elect to pursue the latter, the Falcons could theoretically desirable trade partner. The Falcons are working with what will likely prove to be an exctess of guard talent. The Falcoholic discussed this option in additional detail.

Twitter re-draft

I hope you’ve been following Kevin Knight’s selections in the Twitter 6-round re-draft on the NFL. If you have (and even if you haven’t), you won’t want to miss the most recent (3rd round) selection.