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Which Falcons great would be the best addition to the 2020 Falcons?

Imagine you had access to a time machine for a moment. Go and get your favorite player and bring him to the present day!

Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - December 2, 1990 Photo by Allen Dean Steele/Getty Images

If you could take one Falcons great from any position and drop them onto this current roster, hopefully solving a major problem for this team in the process, who would you choose?

That’s the topic of conversation in this afternoon’s weekend open thread, and I’m hoping to get some thoughtful responses. I mulled a handful of answers here. William Andrews would be a stellar fit for this offense given his pass catching ability and shiftiness, Roddy White for the potential to transform this offense into the most lethal passing attack imaginable, Tony Gonzalez for the tight end boost, or Deion Sanders for both entertainment value and the lift his addition would provide at cornerback.

Ultimately, I think I’d pick someone from the more recent past: John Abraham. That’s because the pass rush continues to be one of the biggest question marks for this Falcons team, especially on defense, and the one thing that Abraham did just about as well as anyone in franchise history was bring down opposing quarterbacks. As fun as it’d be to see Claude Humphrey doing that, I know what Abe is capable of in his prime and would welcome him on this particular team. Imagine Abe, Grady Jarrett, Dante Fowler, Takk, and the rest of the gang wreaking havoc and I hope you can see the appeal.

Who are you bringing back for one stellar season?