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Falcons add dietician, assistant strength and conditioning coach, and Diversity Coaching Fellow

Yesterday, the team announced three new hires ahead of the 2020 season.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons haven’t stopped working, but they’ve largely had to do so from home. Now that coaches and front office staff are back at Flowery Branch, they’re unsurprisingly getting back to it, and that includes some new hires.

For the University of Georgia fans who frequent the site, we should probably start with the news that a former Dawg has joined the staff via the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship.

As Vaughn McClure notes in the tweet above, Jones has long coaching experience working with tight ends and could probably give valuable input to a young tight end group while he spends the summer with the Falcons, including training camp and preseason. The idea behind the fellowship is to give coaches exposure to teams in the hopes that they’ll be hired for full-time roles down the line, and Jones has a great chance to impress Atlanta this offseason and parlay that into a role on the offensive staff going forward. We’re rooting for him.

The team’s other two hires were focused on strength and conditioning and overall team health, big concerns for a weird year in sports with the COVID-19 virus running roughshod over team’s plans. Adams Potts, the new assistant strength and conditioning coach, has spent most of the last decade in that same role for a variety of college programs, and will hopefully do what he can to make these Falcons harder, better, faster, stronger.

He’s joined by Steve Benjamin, who was a nutrition assistant for the Jaguasr a year ago and will surely have the team eating better and taking care of themselves than, say, the winded blogger typing this article up.

Welcome all three new hires to the Falcons! Let’s hope they’re part of a successful offseason and season ahead.