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Falcons Podcast: Get to know our writer, Eric Robinson

The latest in our interview series focuses on one of our best draft writers.

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest of our “Getting to know the writers” series of podcasts, I speak with Eric Robinson about his time as a Falcons fan and writer. Eric’s been writing about the team since 2015 and has been a fan for much longer.

We talked about a wide range of Falcons related topics, including:

  • Why he still believes Mike Vick was the most impactful player to come through Atlanta
  • The two players he considers to be his all time favorites
  • The impact of Julio Jones and why his work ethic and lack of drama is so refreshing and rare for his position
  • Why Jerry Glanville is his favorite Falcons coach
  • So much more

As always, you can find the podcast wherever fine podcasts are available or you can listen below:

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