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NFL schedule release 2020 will be a 3 hour extravaganza

The league is milking everything for all it can.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

You have to sympathize a little bit with the NFL. As more or less the only powerhouse North American sports league still running, they know they have an even larger share of attention than normal for this time of year. They also know that until training camp starts—if training camp starts—they hardly have enough on the schedule to command the attention of extremely harried people for much longer.

So you get the schedule extravaganza tonight, which somehow promises to be more over the top than ever before. Look at Adam Schefter, pails of water in hands, getting us ready for the theme of the night.

The hope, ultimately, is that we’ll get to see the schedule as it is laid out. By virtue of its schedule, the NFL has not had to suspend its season the way so many other leagues have, but it’s still a distinct possibility that this fall or winter will bring disruptions. In light of that, the NFL is going to wave its hands at this, explain their contingencies, and hope they never have to use them.

For the Falcons, we’ll take the schedule release, see what you guys think of it, and break down the individual matchups in the coming days and weeks, but we’re not watching three hours of this. Even bloggers have limits.