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Report: Falcons-Broncos international game to be played in US due to coronavirus

The international games are rumored to be gone due to COVID-19.

American Football - NFL International Series 2014 - Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons - Wembley Stadium

It feels like a lifetime ago when we passed along the rumor that the Atlanta Falcons would play the Denver Broncos in London as part of the NFL’s expanding international series. That rumor was, of course, only two months ago.

Things have changed a lot since then. We highlighted the near impossibility of playing international games during out podcast with leading epidemiologists, who saw no possible way for the games to continue without risking a major outbreak of COVID-19.

The NFL is releasing the 2020 season schedule next week and the international games are no longer expected to occur internationally, per The Daily Mail.

Tottenham are bracing themselves for another financial blow next week. The release of next season’s NFL fixture list is expected to confirm that they will not be hosting two matches at their new stadium, a setback that will cost them in excess of £4million.

The club have a 10-year agreement to put on two matches a season which began last year, but given the uncertainty surrounding international travel and mass events, hosting games in London this October is not feasible and the NFL are expected to complete their entire season in America.

Even more surprising than a British news outlet breaking NFL news is the league finally admitting there will be some drastic changes heading for the 2020 season. League officials have softened on their earlier declarations that the season will continue as normal, and appear to now be planning for a pandemic-modified season.

The Falcons gave up one home game to play in London, hoping to broaden the team’s appeal to an international fanbase. Now that game, if it occurs, will be played in Atlanta. If fans are present is the next big question regarding the season.