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Do the Falcons have one of the best offensive trios in the NFL?

Fact: Julio Jones’ fingernails clip themselves

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Dimitroff had a lot of work to do over the offseason. His seat had never been hotter and the team had real needs on both sides of the ball. But to his (and really to the front’s office’s) credit, they’ve taken the surprisingly big swings you might expect a franchise determined to win a Super Bowl might take. They acted like they’ve learned the hard lessons they needed to learn. Whether their personnel moves will translate into wins remains to be seen, but on paper, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Looking ahead, the trio of franchise quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan, Julio Jones, and Todd Gurley can do some serious damage in 2020. The Matt Ryan to Julio Jones pairing is a true no-brainer. Gurley does remain a bit of a question mark, but if he’s healthy, he’ll be an upgrade over the 2019 version of Devonta Freeman.

CBS Sports’ Jared Dubin ranked the NFL’s best offensive trios. It’s definitely worth a read. Lucky for us, he sees the trio of Julio-Ryan-Gurley as the NFL’s 6th best, saying this about them:

Ryan is remarkably durable, remarkably productive, and until last season, consistently above average across the board. He took a step backward last season, falling short of league averages in yards per attempt, touchdown rate, and passer rating, each for the first time since 2013 [...] Gurley was just cut by the Rams, so even though he was slightly more effective last season than popular consensus would have you believe, we can’t justify giving him too high a grade. Jones is arguably the best wideout in football, more efficient on a per-route basis than just about everybody in the league, just about every year. He’s also now got 14 touchdowns across the past two seasons, so hopefully we can dispel with the silly notion that he simply cannot score.

It’s worth noting, for context, that Dubin puts the Falcons just outside his elite tier. The question is whether that’s too harsh an assessment or just about spot on. Because truth be told, the Falcons still need to see how productive Gurley can be at this point in his career, and in Dirk Koetter’s offense to boot.

Your thoughts, Falcoholics?