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Devonta Freeman weighing contract offers from Eagles and Buccaneers

Could the former Falcons running back head to Tompa Bay?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We have lots of football news this last week, thanks predominately to Devonta Freeman’s search for a new team. All has been quiet surrounding the former Pro Bowl running back since he was cut before reports that he turned down a deal with Seattle worth up to $4 million.

Could Freeman earn more than $4 million after three disappointing, injury-filled seasons? Falcons fans and even Ian Rapoport were skeptical. However, Freeman apparently has a number of suitors. Many had connected the dots to the Eagles, but we now have a new team in on the action.

This is the first reporting Freeman has an offer from the Eagles. We previously just assumed their need for a veteran must mean Freeman was in the discussion.

More shocking is Tampa Bay, easily the most changed team since 2019 with big name additions ranging from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski. The team had a stout defense and elite receivers but was unable to do much with Jameis Winston breaking the interception record.

Add in a potentially effective Freeman and the Buccaneers are worryingly well-rounded. He may take less from Tampa to both return to Florida and get two games against his old team.