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Todd Gurley’s latest workout videos show a back eager to move past health questions

It’s hard not to get excited about Gurley, in spite of concerns about his arthritis.

Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We’ve written a lot about Todd Gurley since the veteran running back signed in Atlanta, and with more trepidation than one of the best backs in football deserves. Gurley has been good-to-great throughout his NFL career, so to many I’m sure it’s looked like we’re just a bunch of hatin’ Harolds who want to see the former University of Georgia standout fail because so many complain about this team not stockpiling Bulldogs.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, though, because I absolutely love Todd Gurley. I fought to draft him in every fantasy league the year he came out because I was sure (to be fair, like most everyone else) that he was going to be a stud, and he has been. The only real question with Gurley, after that weird 2019 season and the Rams unceremoniously dumping their franchise back, has been his health.

We’re no closer to knowing how effective Todd Gurley will be in 2020 than we were when he signed, though his fit in Dirk Koetter’s offense and the Rams’ mismanagement suggest he’ll at least be a quality addition. What we do know is that he’s working hard to be ready for the season, and if arthritis is the sort of tricky condition that always leaves lingering questions, Gurley’s looking to erase as much doubt as possible this offseason.

Behold, video!

The Falcons are trying to erase some doubt themselves by sharing these videos, which is understandable after the furor over Dirk Koetter’s offhand “no one seems to know” comments about Gurley’s health. Those comments, in turn, played into the offseason-long fears about the arthritis in Gurley’s knee, which in turn was fueled by the way the Rams handled him in 2019, a season that saw him put up the least impressive numbers of his illustrious career. That’s all you can really do when doubt is lingering on the wind: Attempt to wave it away as best you can. The Falcons and Gurley are doing what they can, and certainly he looks as strong as capable as ever, like a player who preposterously has over 5,000 rushing yards, 2,000 receiving yards, and 70 touchdowns as a 25-year-old. It’s not hard to root for Gurley, and it’s not hard to think that if he looks this strong and capable in the offseason, it’s quite possible a back that young can shrug off an odd year and dominate in a terrific Atlanta offense.

I’ll feel truly great about the Gurley signing once we see him on the field ruining defenders behind a rebuilt Falcons offensive line, and not a moment sooner. But I do enjoy seeing an encouraging sign every now and again, and figured you all might as well.