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Nominate your favorite forgotten Falcons and we’ll take trips down memory lane

Let’s take looks back at contributors who aren’t as fondly remembered as they ought to be.

Atlanta Falcons Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Things are going to be real quiet on the Falcons front for the next month-plus, so it’s a good time for us to revive one of our famous (?) offseason series. Let’s bring back one from last spring, both because I believe you guys enjoyed it and because we really enjoyed researching our entries.

I’m referring to the Forgotten Falcons series, where we took nominations for players who had been mildly or completely forgotten despite their contributions in Atlanta. We’re looking for a fresh batch of nominees to look back on this time, so put on your thinking caps and dust off your fond memories and let us know who we should write about.

Because our site search is not quite what it should be, I’ve assembled our previous entries in this series here:

Share your best nominations with us and we’ll write them up in the month ahead!