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Are the Falcons interested in free agent pass rusher Vinny Curry?

We’ll have to wait at least a week to see if this means they’re actually going to sign him, because the team is currently out of cash.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Dan Quinn has consistently said you can never have enough pass rushers in the NFL. This might be the offseason where he backs up that very Pokemon-esque philosophy

As first pointed out by Aaron Freeman on Twitter, NFL insiders Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher are linking the Falcons to free agent defensive end Vinny Curry by noting they may have interest and that it’d be a logical signing given the team’s lack of proven pass rushing options. The fit has long made sense—Curry is a durable, effective rotational pass rusher who prefers to play in 4 man fronts—but the Falcons have never gotten a deal done. The fact that Curry’s still lingering on the market in late May gives them a shot at it.

There are several things working against this signing. Mosher has a lot of insight into the Eagles and notes that Curry may not be eager to take a one-year deal outside of Philly, a city he has deep ties to, because one-year deals are all he’s likely to get at this stage of the offseason. There’s also the small matter that the Falcons have Takk McKinley, Dante Fowler, Steven Means, and Charles Harris already, meaning Curry would ultimately push someone out. A Curry singing would raise the question of whether the Falcons are counting on Harris to bounce back or just traded a 7th on a lark to see what he has, because the addition of Curry would certainly suggest he’s far from a roster lock.

All that said, it is a logical fit and I would hope the Falcons are exploring it. Curry’s production has never been eye-popping in terms of pure sacks, but he is very productive for his snap counts, having played 39% of the defensive snaps for Philly last year and racking up 5 sacks and 18 pressures per Pro Football Reference. The sack total was his highest since 2014, but the pressures come often and Curry is a complete defensive end who holds his own in coverage, is solid against the run, and can kick inside in a pinch. Given his comfort level with being a rotational player and his success for the Eagles just last year, he’d be a strong fit for a team that still lacks proven pass rushers behind Takk McKinley and Dante Fowler.

We’ll need about a week to even have a chance of finding out whether this report has truth to it, given that the Falcons won’t have Vinny Curry money until they get the post-June 1 cash from cutting Desmond Trufant. If they have genuine interest, though, it’s a signing we’d fully support and hope they could get done quickly, lest a team like the hated Saints snap him up instead.