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Video: Enjoy this throwback breakdown of Julio Jones’ 300 yard destruction against the Panthers

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Let’s go back to a very funny time in this team’s history.

It’s the heart of the offseason, the time when news about this team is relatively scarce and thus we either look ahead or look backwards in time. The only real criteria for our stories this time of year is that they have to be interesting, they have to generate some interesting debate from you guys, or they have to be fun.

Let’s lean on the last one this morning with this video. You may remember analyst Alex Rollins from when he broke down Todd Gurley’s fit with Atlanta and the way the Rams mishandled him in 2019. His latest video is a look back on one of the most genuinely enjoyable performances in franchise history, the 300 yard explosion Julio Jones generated against the Panthers in October 2016.

The video, which you’ll find below, breaks down how Julio and Matt Ryan managed to carve up that shaky Panthers secondary as effectively as they did, the ways Kyle Shanahan schemed to overwhelm Ron Rivera and company, and a little Julio-related awe, given that he came into the game with one of the slowest starts of his career.

We hope you enjoy this historic look back this morning, and may we see another 300 yard game from Julio before his career is over.