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Adult website wants name on Saints’ stadium

The adult webcam website believes they are a perfect partner for the New Orleans Saints.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Saints and adult websites are two peas in a pod, with the latter offering up $15 million to get their name on the former’s now nameless NFL stadium, all according to a representative for “one of the world’s leading adult webcam sites.”

Now you may wonder what such an organization would want to do with such an embarrassing, scandal-plagued business so full of disappointment and located in such an unclean location. Based on the press release, Stripchat is apparently fine with all of that, and the organization does not bring up the Saints’ cheating scandal, tainted Super Bowl, Michael Thomas’ latest meltdown, and whatever juvenile, embarrassing thing Sean Payton has done this year. Or the year before that. Or the year before that.

If you are wondering if you would see a sex joke in the press release, you may wonder no further: “We have been looking into penetrating the sports world and think this is a wonderful opportunity to do so by announcing a bid of up to $15,000,000 for the naming rights to the Superdome.”

For background, the home of the Atlanta Falcons is the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, taking away the German luxury automotive manufacturer from the Saints’ formerly named Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Now instead of leather and heavy European accents the Superdome can be associated with... probably leather and heavy European accents.

Why is this such a match made in heaven?

I’d like to think that we here at Stripchat embody some of New Orleans’ character and flair. As one of the world’s leading adult webcam sites that averages over 60 million visitors per month, we know a thing or two about having a good time.

Surely, this adult film site and the Saints go together like Drew Brees and multi-level marketing scams, Michael Thomas and underhanded passes, and Sean Payton and a consistent series of allegations of illegal activity, skirting rules and covering up the evidence, embarrassing dance moves, magician relatives, and complaining when his team doesn’t get a call.

We wish both parties the best and look forward to when the Falcons travel to New Orleans in 2020 and play at either the Stripchat Superdome, or maybe the Dave’s Vape and Smoke Shop Superdome, the Huge Ass Beers Superdome, or whatever other New Orleans establishment is willing to tarnish their brand by associating themselves with the Saints.