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Which Falcons players do you associate with each era of Atlanta uniforms?

A fun thought exercise for a Friday afternoon.

Tommy Nobis - Atlanta Falcons - File Photos Photo by Bob Verlin/Getty Images

It’s still uniform week, and we’re still talking uniforms. This afternoon, after the early rush (?) of the Charles Harris trade news, it’s time to settle down and type the first thing that comes to your head in response to a prompt. Sometimes we make it easy on you.

The leading vote-getter in our “best jerseys ever” poll was the 1979-1989 red uniforms, but pretty much every era received a healthy vote total in the poll. That means most of you can probably think back to a particular era of uniforms and think of the one player you most associate with those particular jerseys. For me, these were the players I thought of immediately, with my favorite player ever unsurprisingly being the guy who represented all of the 1990s for me.

1966-1970: Tommy Nobis

1971-1977: Claude Humphrey

1978-1989: William Andrews

1990-1996: Jessie Tuggle

1997-2002: Jessie Tuggle

2003-2008: Michael Vick

2009-2019: Julio Jones

Who would be your picks?