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The Phinsider weighs in on new Falcon and former Dolphin Charles Harris

He disappointed in Miami, but the hope is a change of scenery will do him good.

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Charles Harris is not the name any of us expected to see as the newest Falcons pass rusher. That’s because he was on

I quickly hit up our friend Kevin Nogle at SB Nation’s Miami Dolphins site, The Phinsider, for their thoughts on Harris. Beyond some kind words for his character and team fit, there just wasn’t much positive to be said.

Here’s Kevin’s quick analysis:

“Disappointing. He has the potential and he works hard, but it just never came together for him. A first-round edge rusher who, three years into his career, has a total of 3.5 sacks and ended up inactive for games late last year, is simply a disappointment.

It was never anything you could point to and say, ‘There is the problem,’ or ‘He just does not get it,’ but it just never seemed to work for some reason. Fans will celebrate that he is gone because he never produced like they hoped, but that is probably unfair to him. After seeing a first-round edge rusher in Dion Jordan actively work against himself with his suspensions and substance issues, Harris was not that guy. It just never worked out on the field.

I really hope it comes together for him because he seems like a good guy and a team guy, but the fact that Miami was able to get a seventh rounder for him is impressive because they probably were going to cut him and get nothing in return for a first-round pick from 2017.”

That certainly does not fill me with joy and hope, to be blunt. The likelihood that the Falcons can figure out how to get a lot more out of Harris would seem slim given that neither Vic Beasley nor Takk McKinley have developed into world-beaters under this coaching staff’s watch, but if he can at least be a solid rotational guy he still may be worth the price. It’s probably best, based on The Phinsider’s recommendation, to go into this acquisition with absolutely no expectations whatsoever.