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You can only keep 3, Falcons uniforms edition

Which ones would you choose?

Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons

If you haven’t been self-quarantined somewhere off the grid with no internet access (and we know you’re not, because you’re reading this), then you know the Falcons unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday.

Thanks to a suggestion from Justin Knight on Twitter, our own Evan Birchfield put together a nice little graphic so we could play along with the “you can only keep 3” internet meme.

We’ve got a nice blend in here of classic and cutting edge. Our followers on Twitter had varied opinions.

Former Falcon Brian Banks shared his favorites:

Some folks just love that classic look.

And while The Falcoholic’s Agitator in Chief Matt Chambers described the new fits as “the uniform equivalent to a 7-9 season,” some people really like them — or most of them.

You can check out our coverage of the uniform release below.

What are your thoughts on the new uniforms? Which one’s your favorite? Discuss in the comments, and be sure to share which three you’d keep, also.