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Falcons unveil new uniforms early after Tuesday leaks

The changes will take some time to digest, but are they improvements?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons had planned to unveil their uniforms next Tuesday, but unfortunately a leak that followed on the heels of that announcement moved that timeline up for them in a hurry. The Falcons just surprisingly launched the uniforms on Twitter and their website, confirming that the leaks were legitimate.

As expected, the Falcons are making new all-black uniforms their primary, with all-whites for the road. The new helmet is satin black (it had looked matte in still shots but it’s not) with an enlarged version of the current logo, while their alternates are a red gradient jersey with black pants and the throwback black-and-silver with the old logo. Overall, the look is not as revolutionary or quite as fresh as I had hoped for, but I do prefer the new home and away to what the Falcons currently have. I’m not a fan of the gradient, however.

It stinks for the Falcons, who put a ton of time and resources into this launch, had to do this early, but that’s the risk any time you’re asking people to keep a secret for months on end. I’m looking forward to seeing the new uniforms in action, when we’ll get a better feel for how much we like them.

There are many fans bemoaning the lack of red helmets, but it appears the feedback the Falcons heard from fans and stakeholders was that black needed to come back.

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