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Join your fellow fans to watch the Falcons 1998 NFC Championship win over the Vikings

The Falcons are following it “live,” and we may as well enjoy it too.

Chris Chandler #12...

Tonight, the Falcons are delivering us live commentary and a re-watch of the 1998 NFC Conference Championship Game, also known as one of the best games in Falcons history. In this current, sportsless era, there’s no finer video to watch this evening.

So why not join your fellow Falcons fans and re-live some great Falcons history?

This is your live thread, the same as any other live thread, but you’ll experience this one with a bit of nostalgia. Please note that if you want to hate watch it, there’s the 2006 Falcons-Saints game being discussed live by SB Nation and Canal Street Chronicles, as well. I’m not encouraging you to go over there and complain about the refs during that game, but that place is no stranger to that sort of behavior so go nuts if you wish.