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Dolphins cut DE Taco Charlton, who joins ranks of pass rushers the Falcons might consider

The Falcons could always use more pass rushers, and Charlton’s young enough to still be interesting.

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Falcons are probably not quite done with their roster just yet, given that they didn’t draft additions at a couple of key positions where we thought they’d be active. Those positions include safety (full of interesting players but short on experienced depth), tight end (where everyone’s young and unproven), and of course defensive end.

Right now, new addition Dante Fowler joins Takk McKinley, Allen Bailey, and some combination of John Cominsky, Austin Larkin, and a bunch of undrafted free agents as the group. Even considering that Marlon Davidson might play some end on early downs, there’s certainly a certain pass rushing punch that’s missing beyond Fowler and McKinley, especially if Cominsky spends more time inside in 2020. That’s led to the widespread and completely justified expectation that the Falcons will go out and add at least one more veteran, given that Dan Quinn and company never get tired of rotating their defensive linemen.

There are plenty of worthwhile names out there, but the Falcons are likely to be looking for players who are cost-effective, have a recent history of solid production, or upside. Ideally, they’d get all three, but they’re not gonna have that kind of money anytime soon. Based on those criteria, go ahead and throw Taco Charlton’s name into the mix.

Charlton has not had a spectacular career up until this point, washing out of Dallas with just four sacks in two seasons before turning up in Miami last year. The 25-year-old turned in the best season of his career thus far, managing a career-best 5 sacks and 10 pressures in just 10 games and 5 starts. That’s not production that knocks your socks off, but Charlton was at least solid and is still young enough to have better days ahead. Considering what the Falcons need—and considering he’s not likely to break the bank—Charlton should be considered a contender to be signed by this team at some point over the summer.

Again, though, there are a lot of names out there, so just add Charlton to the list and we’ll see what happens.