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Report: Teams may have extra time to negotiate trades during NFL Draft

It’ll slow down the draft, sure, but it’s likely a good idea.

NFL: FEB 25 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL Draft is going to be weird this year. There will be no live studio audience jeering and booing Roger Goodell, which will likely make the vibe of the whole event odd. There’s also the specter of having every team truly virtual and trying to coordinate moves that way, adding a degree of difficulty.

That’s probably why the NFL is currently mulling extending the time available to teams to help them pull off trades, though it’s not entirely clear whether each team will get one opportunity or if this will be a one-off draft. The difference there would be between perhaps an additional hour on the draft and potentially multiple hours, given how many trades teams make on draft day.

Either way, that extra time figures to be helpful for the Falcons. This is a team that loves to wheel and deal on draft day, and their free agency blitz has put them in a position to move around in search of great defenders, if they so desire. This will be a proposal to monitor as we draw closer to the draft because of the potential implications for our favorite team and, you know, the rest of them.