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How might the Falcons configure their defensive line in 2020?

Reviewing the new look defensive line after the 2020 draft.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the 2020 draft has come to an end, the Falcons roster is beginning to take shape. More importantly, the defensive line is beginning to look better than it has in some time. Dimitroff and Coach Quinn have made a conscious effort to add more of a pass rush element as well as more versatility to the line. Also, this group looks a little meaner than I can remember in recent years. As a result, there are multiple ways this line can be utilized in order to be effective on all 3 downs.

As it stands right now, here is the Falcons defensive line along with their positions that are projected to make the final 53:

Takk McKinley - EDGE

Dante Fowler, Jr. - EDGE

Steven Means - EDGE

Grady Jarrett - 1 tech/3 tech

Tyeler Davison - 1 tech

Deadrin Senat - 1 tech

Allen Bailey - 5 tech/3 tech

John Cominsky - 5 tech/3 tech

Marlon Davidson - 5 tech/3 tech

This is subject to change if the Falcons decide to make some free agent additions. I would like to see them add another EDGE in free agency because going with only three is a huge gamble, and right now they pretty much only have the three.

Now based on what was seen last season, there is a strong possibility that we will see more of the same with some even and odd front alignments based on the down and distance, with the ultimate idea being to keep all linemen fresh throughout the game. In base, Quinn opted in many occasions to go with an odd front alignment to play the run. In nickel, he always opts to go with an even front alignment with his best pass rush group. This group has the potential to be very versatile and impactful for Quinn as he can mix and match fronts for maximum effectiveness. The addition of Davidson helps with that.

However, the ceiling of the defensive line this upcoming season will greatly depend on the progression/impact of players like John Cominsky, Takk McKinley, Dante Fowler, Jr., and rookie Marlon Davidson. If these players can provide a sizeable impact, this can be a formidable group, and it’s one where nearly everyone will get the chance to play.