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Falcons release Sam Irwin-Hill, opening possibility of drafting a punter

This is the second team Irwin-Hill has been cut due to visa issues.


The Falcons announced an odd transaction just before the start of day 3 of the NFL draft. You may see some cuts when teams need to free up cap space with players they replaced during the draft, but this one is different.

Atlanta’s punter is gone for the second time.

This is also the second time he was cut due to visa issues. There is not much precedent for these issues but it would be surprising to see Irvin-Hill return.

The transaction opens up the Falcons to look at punters in the last day of the draft or as a priority undrafted free agent. The big name for Atlanta fans is certainly UGA’s Rodrigo Blankenship, widely believed to be one of the top kickers in this draft.