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2020 NFL Draft open thread and tracker

Keep track of the incoming picks and wildness of what’s sure to be an unusual draft.

NFL: NFL Draft Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We made it, folks. In one hour’s time, the 2020 NFL Draft will be starting, with all the glorious technical snafus and low-budget drafting that implies. The Falcons will hopefully emerge from these three days a better football team, ready for...well, whenever it is that the NFL actually kicks off this year.

Our Falcons have six picks in total, including the #16 tonight, though it sounds like they’ll be sorely tempted to move up and thus reduce that total significantly at some point this evening. As always, we can only hope it’s for an impact defender and that the cost doesn’t wind up chilling our bones.

Below, you’ll find live commentary and coverage from The Falcoholic Twitter feed. You’ll also want to catch the live show with our writers and follow along for more coverage of each and every pick tonight, on the off chance Atlanta makes more than one.

Let’s hope it’s a good one, folks.


#1, Cincinnati Bengals: QB Joe Burrow

Beyond logical.

#2, Washington: DE Chase Young

Incredibly logical, and that Washington front is scary.

#3, Detroit Lions: CB Jeff Okudah

That Desmond Trufant-Okudah duo is going to be fantastic for a sneaky-good Detroit defense.

#4, New York Giants: OT Andrew Thomas

Slight surprise here, as the Giants take the Georgia product and make him the first tackle off the board. Thomas could be great and Daniel Jones needed help, so solid pick.

#5, Miami Dolphins: QB Tua Tagovailoa

The Dolphins with maybe my favorite non-Chase Young pick thus far. After foolishly passing up on Drew Brees back in the day, the Dolphins get an absurdly accurate passer who could be their best quarterback since Dan Marino. If they’re ever going to return to relevance, it’ll be with Tua.

#6, Los Angeles Chargers: QB Justin Herbert

The first pick I don’t love. Herbert has real potential, but the last Oregon quarterback to make any noise in the NFL was Chris Miller, and Herbert’s college production was inconsistent. We’ll see if this team can surround him with enough talent to turn him into a winner.

#7, Carolina Panthers: DT Derrick Brown

The Panthers always love defensive tackles, and Brown is probably the best one in this class. This tells you Carolina likes their offense this year.

#8, Arizona Cardinals: LB/S/EVERYTHING Isaiah Simmons

This wasn’t an obvious pick, but Simmons is too good and too versatile not to go in the top ten. Arizona will find creative ways to use him and benefit from it.

#9, Jacksonville Jaguars: CB C.J. Henderson

He was linked to the Falcons throughout for obvious reasons, but the Jaguars once again took a Florida defender that made sense for Atlanta (hi, Taven Bryan). He’ll be a good player for them.

#10, Cleveland Browns: OT Jedrick Willis

Didn’t see this particular pick coming. The Jets needed the position upgrade, but will Willis be the guy?

#11, New York Jets: OT Mekhi Becton

Another tackle. Becton is such a tremendous athlete that he could turn out to be special, but he’s not the most polished prospect available.

#12, Las Vegas Raiders: WR Henry Ruggs

It’s a little surprising to see Ruggs go first, but his speed makes him an absolutely lethal threat for this Raiders team. I like this pick.

#13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OT Tristan Wirfs

Wirfs has absolutely insane potential. If he reaches it, the small move up for Tampa Bay was worth every penny, especially with this team in win-now mode with Tom Brady.

#14, San Francisco 49ers: DT Javon Kinlaw


#15, Denver Broncos: WR Jerry Jeudy

If Drew Lock is any good, he now has a lethal 1-2 punch at wide receiver.