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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, April 22

Fact: Sean Harlow

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Draft Eve, Falcoholics! This is not your ordinary Wednesday. We are 1 day away from decisions that could impact this team for years. Digital or not, the Falcons are kicking off their 2020 Draft tomorrow.

Our links should be salted for 24 hours and then warmed to room temperature before cooking. Put them in your heaviest pan over extremely high heat. Then don’t forget to keep them moving!

You’d better believe the Falcons will be eyeing linebackers in the draft. Simply stated, they have to look at linebackers, because aside from Deion Jones, no one on that linebacker depth chart has safely secured his roster spot. So as you think about the linebackers the Falcons may consider adding in the draft, you should check out Eric Robinson’s scouting report of Michigan prospect Joshua Uche.

Our writers took a stab at the second round in our roundtable mock. It’s deadly accurate.

Rob Gronkowski is joining Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. They’re either going to look brilliant or truly pathetic depending on how things shake out. Let’s hope it’s the latter. Kevin Knight took one last look at the state of the wide receiver corps prior to the addition of any draft picks.

The chatter about the Falcons wanting to jump into the top 10 picks of the draft isn’t going away. Even the oddsmakers have taken notice. Speaking of which, what are your draft plans? Do they involve an ice cold adult beverage and barbecue sauce? Feel free to join the Falcoholic Live’s draft party. It’s going to be lit, fam.

The depth at center might give you pause, in that there isn’t much depth at all. Things will get pretty scary in a hurry if Alex Mack goes down. In order to ensure the future heath and safety of franchise quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan, the Falcons will have to think about how to get better behind Mack.