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Falcons offseason additions now have their jersey numbers

The newest players now have their numbers

To some, jersey numbers aren’t a big deal. To those who are jersey enthusiasts or for those who intend to buy some of the newest jerseys replicating what their favorite player wears, it is. The Atlanta Falcons 2020 offseason has seen some big additions while also losing some players to free agency.

The latest players to join the franchise have now selected what numbers they will wear in 2020.

As noted in my tweet above, defensive end Steven Means is listed as wearing No. 55 – apparently to free up No. 56 for Dante Fowler, Jr. who the Falcons signed at the start of free agency last month. The tight end position will have it’s starter continue to dawn the No. 81 as Hayden Hurst, who the team traded for on the first day of free agency to replace Austin Hooper, will also now wear his previously used number. Returning to the Falcons, is LaRoy Reynolds who previously wore No. 53, will now wear No. 59 as his previous number is now used by defensive end Austin Larkin.

Under scrutiny from some fans and apparently Deion Sanders himself, newly added running back Todd Gurley will wear the infamous No. 21. For some reason, this has been an issue to some even though the number has been used by former players such as Darrien Gordon, Juran Bolden, and Elijah Williams since Sanders departed Atlanta for the San Francisco 49ers in 1994.

The new Falcons jerseys will go on sale on April 14th at most uniform retailers. Due to the pandemic, jersey shipments may be slightly delayed for obvious reasons.