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Falcons not necessarily settled at LG and swing tackle, per Dan Quinn

Despite the happy talk about guard earlier in the offseason, there may be additions yet to come.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The Falcons are drafting a left guard. Actually, they’re going to let the guys they have compete! Just kidding, they’re adding Justin McCray to the competition.

If you’ve been listening, you’ve gotten some very mixed signals about the left guard spot in particular this offseason, with very little talk about swing tackle at all. It’s fitting that the Falcons have continued that muddled messaging with Dan Quinn making it clear that the Falcons aren’t necessarily as settled as Thomas Dimitroff suggested in late February.

This could mean so many things it’s pointless to speculate exactly what the team is working through, but it does serve to make it clear that the guy with final authority over the roster doesn’t think the Falcons are settled at either position. I’m more surprised that’s the case for left guard than swing tackle, given that there’s not many options currently on the roster for the latter spot. Maybe John Wetzel?

Left guard admittedly does not have any options that are going to knock your socks off, but if this team is keeping Jamon Brown, James Carpenter, Matt Gono, Wetzel, and McCray and can’t find a starter and a capable backup in that group, they’re in trouble. Full stop. They have invested so much in this line and have four clear starters at the other positions, so an inability to make five-plus competitors (including two expensive free agent signings from last offseason) work at left guard would be a failure.

The important note here, either way, is that you shouldn’t rule out further acquisitions at those two positions. Notably the Falcons haven’t said anything about backup center, but perhaps one of the new additions will be able to fill in for Mack in a pinch. Buckle up for a wild draft, again.