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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, April 1

Fact: Jack Crawford is an amateur radish pickler

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Happy Hump Day, Falcoholics! You’ve officially made it halfway through another week. You want a popsicle?

Yesterday was a news-filled day for the Falcons, and lucky for you, I’m here to break down the stories you don’t want to miss. You’re welcome. Our links are sautéed at a high heat and then braised for several hours in a 20-year-old, rusty dutch oven Dave’s mom gave him for his 13th birthday.

I know you’ve probably spent countless hours over the last couple of months worrying about the various position groups that will need to improve dramatically if the Falcons want to make a successful playoff run in 2020. And during all that rumination, odds are the offensive line came to mind once or twice. Here’s what we’re all wondering: What’s the best case scenario for the Falcons offensive line in 2020? And to that effect, can they keep franchise quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan alive?

You’ll want to keep an eye on our draft prospect tracker, if you aren’t already. The draft is right around the corner and I’ll be honest: our draft analysis is next level. Speaking of draft analysis, check our Eric Robinson’s scouting report on Virginia cornerback Bryce Hall.

Assuming football goes ahead as planned this fall, there will officially be 14 teams in the NFL playoffs in 2020. That’s a sizable jump and it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. So while you try to wrap your mind around that, take note of the fact that, at this point, notwithstanding the global pandemic, the Falcons are still planning on playing a game in London this season.

On a lighter note, Falcons fullback Keith Smith is hosting a weekly book club for children, which is cool. Last but not least, Adrian Clayborn signed with the Browns and Jack Crawford signed with the Titans, leaving the Falcons a little thin along the defensive front. Their departures will necessitate a real focus on interior defensive linemen in the draft.