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The Falcoholic Mailbag: Answering your offseason questions about the Falcons

NFL: FEB 25 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re in a very quiet time of the NFL calendar. The good news is that it frees me up to answer some of your burning questions about the Falcons and what we can expect for the rest of the offseason.

Let’s dive right in, and thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week.

This is kinda vague, as is the account name. Well, Probably Josh, I don’t know.

Thanks for asking, Mike. I believe it has been on its way for many millions of years. Hopefully this will be similar to the one that came “close” to Earth on the day of Super Bowl LII. As I wrote at the time for SB Nation, the Cleveland Browns had a better chance of winning that Super Bowl, which they weren’t even playing in, than the asteroid had of hitting Earth.

Because I don’t think the asteroid will hit, Sarah, I’m gonna go with yes on this one.

The Falcons have so many needs and so little cap space to work with. I think in an ideal world they would grab a safety in free agency, but I don’t know how feasible that is given the cap situation. I do think they target one in the draft.

Oluokun was forced into starting in his rookie season and performed admirably. His role was diminished last season with Deion Jones healthy, but I think he can be a three-down starter. That’s good, because the Falcons are poor and De’Vondre Campbell is likely gone, leaving a void in the linebacker corps.

Baxter, my chihuahua-Jack Russell Terrier mix rescue, has the speed, athleticism, and length to be disruptive. He’s been trying to build weight by getting lots of treats, begging for pizza, and eating tissues whenever he can get his teeth on one. But at 7.5 pounds, he lacks ideal size for the position. I think he projects better as a cute, tiny mascot at the NFL level.


You should worried about the fact that the team is so broke, they’re renting Mercedes-Benz Stadium out on Airbnb. (No, but seriously, I’m mostly worried about how they’ll manage to fill any needs with the cap situation). Austin Hooper is walking, so worry about that, too. You should be happy that you’ve had a respite from Falcons news. That’s a blessing.

The team has just over $4 million available, and that’s not even enough to sign their draft class. If they make some moves to clear some cap in the future, ask me again, and I’ll give you a better answer. The way things stand right now, it’s impossible to project.

I honestly doubt they’re taking any specific measures. Hopefully Quinn and Dimitroff have a comprehensive plan to get the most out of this draft class because it’ll be really, really necessary if the team wants to be competitive this season. But I’m concerned that they’ll do what they always do in the draft and won’t fill sufficient needs for the team to succeed in 2020.

I would be delighted. Dobbins would fill a tremendous need if the team does, in fact, move on from Devonta Freeman. He was an absolute beast in his final year at The Ohio State. He’ll need to develop some as a blocker (which is typically a big adjustment for rookie running backs) but I think his skill set would make him a great addition. Oh, (or should I say O-H?) and this team needs more Buckeyes.

Maya Angelou once told Oprah Winfrey that, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” We’ve been watching Dimitroff do this since 2008. He’s shown us who he is. I wish I could give you an optimistic answer here, but alas, I cannot.