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Falcons trivia: Who has thrown for the fewest yards in a single season?

With one gloriously terrible decision, this man entered the team’s history books.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

There have been legendary seasons for Falcons quarterbacks, and there have been miserable ones. There is only one player in one season who managed to throw for nearly negative 10 yards, however, and that man is the subject of today’s trivia question.

The player in question today is not a quarterback, and he also did not manage to gain positive yards on the single complete pass he threw in his career with Atlanta. His is a name recent fans may dimly recall as a reserve on defense, and he only came to throw a pass because the Falcons got up to some nonsense on 4th down that failed miserably, resulting in a loss of 8 on the play.

Who is this mystery man? As an added bonus, see if you can name the former Falcons coach who is the only other player to throw for negative yardage in an entire season for Atlanta, with -1 yard.