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Falcons re-sign OL John Wetzel, again

A tale as old as time...

Mark Brown/Getty Images

Lather, rinse, repeat. That’s essentially what the Atlanta Falcons continue to do in regards to offensive lineman John Wetzel. The Falcons have officially re-signed Wetzel to one-year deal, just days after cutting him.

Again. And again. John Wetzel is doomed to walk the wheel.

Not even two days ago, the Falcons released Wetzel and I mentioned “With how comfortable the Falcons were adding and releasing Wetzel, it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of him in Atlanta.” He’s back and will continue to add to the offensive line depth, until they inevitably cut him again.

After spending some time with the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, Wetzel was signed by the Falcons last offseason adding the much-needed offensive line depth. In all, he was cut and brought back six times, getting very little game action along the way.

There’s likely to be more cuts in the near future as the CBA is potentially ratified, and is likely what’s held up roster moves across the league. Wetzel, at least, has found a new home that is exactly the same as his old home.