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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Mar. 4

Fact: Matt Bosher has an extensive collection of exotic condiments

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, Falcoholics! Congratulations, you’ve made it halfway through another work week. Keep your eyes on the prize, folks. Friday will get here at some point, I promise.

Our links should be seasoned to your taste and seared in a large skillet at a high heat. You’ll then want to oven roast them until they reach your desired level of doneness. Let them rest before serving.

The Vic Beasley era recently came to an end. Sorry if you hadn’t heard. We all mourned his differently. Some released large bunches of multicolored balloons, notwithstanding the adverse environmental impact. Others cracked open bottles of CVS’s finest champagne. But what does the end of his time in Atlanta tell you about the Falcons as an organization? Matt Chambers wrote about how it illustrates a perplexing (and infuriating) lack of planning by the Falcons.

Mock drafts are a good way to evaluate the options a team will have when the draft rolls around next month. Some mocks are better than others, and [brushes off his shoulders], ours are pretty fantastic. Check out Kevin Knight’s post-Combine, 7-round mock. It’s delightfully aromatic with a pleasant aftertaste.

Falcons trivia is a good way to pass the time. It’s helpful when you’re waiting to see the dentist; or when you’re waiting for the barista to finish making your triple grande caramel macchiato. That’s why you should check out our latest Falcons trivia post. (Spoiler alert: it’s about awesome kickoff skills.)