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Report: Falcons game in London to continue as planned, despite coronavirus

The NFL is continuing as planned with the 2020 season, including with their overseas games.

Grenadier Guards Photo by Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images

With many predicting the coronavirus pandemic is weeks, if not months, from peaking, and others expecting a second round to occur in the fall, the NFL plans to continue with everything as planned.

The Olympics have been postponed but international games have not changed. The Falcons were planned to fly to London to battle the Denver Broncos and pack into a 100,000+ person stadium.

That has not changed.

London, like most cities, is dealing with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and reportedly not well. When London’s recent moves will impact the spread of the virus, or even eliminate it, is still an unknown.

The announcement is a little surprising as other sports have cancelled or taken a wait-and-see approach. Games are still months off but the NFL should consider developing a backup plan in case things do not clear up as quickly as planned. Things like training camp and preseason will be the first test cases for if the 2020 season can continue as planned.

Overseas travel should be nearly guaranteed to be the first thing delayed.