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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Mar. 3

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff invented bike shorts

NFL Combine - Day 2

Happy Tuesday, Falcoholics! It’s the calm before the storm around here. With free agency on the horizon and the draft so close we can smell it, things are sure to heat up in the not so distant future. That’s right, y’all, the so-called dead period is about to come to a merciful end. Huzzah!

Our links taste best when paired with a nice sauvignon blanc. The crisp, light white wine’s acidity drowns out the other bad tastes you’ll surely get in your mouth.

The Falcoholic himself took a stab at trying to nail down the best season by a Falcons punter. (Spoiler alert: punter extraordinaire/cyborg/special teams ace/backup free safety Matt Bosher definitely made the list.)

Are you curious which prospects the Falcons may zero in on during the draft? Then look no further than Kevin Knight’s must-read piece about 10 players the Falcons ought to be eyeing post-Combine. Speaking of post-Combine takes, Eric J. Robinson’s “what we learned” piece is definitely worth a look.

We all know the Falcons have work to do in order to field a passable defensive line in 2020. Given that, Matt Chambers eyed the possibility of running it back with former Falcons DT/goal line RB Dontari Poe.