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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Mar. 27

The NFL offseason rolls on.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

We’re going into the weekend, probably housebound, with Falcons news still happening. You need some links, and we’ve got ‘em.

What’s the defensive line going to look like?

With the addition of Dante Fowler and Steven Means, re-signing of Tyeler Davison and the subtraction of Vic Beasley and possibly Jack Crawford and Adrian Clayborn, the defensive line is already quite different. A draft pick could change that even further.

David Walker dove in to take a closer look at how things have changed and how the Falcons might deploy their personnel in 2020. Dive in for an insightful read on what we should expect.

The NFL Draft is still happening April 23-25

Pretty self-explanatory, but the NFL has been trying hard to stick to a schedule this offseason, and the draft isn’t budging. The logistics still need to be determined—you can’t have the prospects shaking hands and thousands of crazy fans in attendance—but it’s nice to know we have more actual NFL news to look forward to as the pandemic rolls on. If viruses roll, that is.

Trevon Diggs, future Falcon?

As you might expect, we’re going to be taking a hard look at some of the top cornerback prospects in the upcoming draft, because the Falcons just cut their top cornerback and definitely need more additions to the roster. We got started with Eric Robinson’s scouting report of Alabama’s Trevon Diggs, an intriguing player who might be a nice fit for Atlanta.

Here’s the roster today

Finally, we’ve updated the roster with everyone (I hope) that’s actually joined the team, giving you a better look at the relative weaknesses and strengths of the Falcons after the initial wave of free agency.