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Rams LT Andrew Whitworth on what Falcons can expect from RB Todd Gurley

Gurley’s former teammate has nothing but praise

This past week, the Atlanta Falcons added one of the better running backs in recent years, as the team hopes to fix their run game problems. The day before the Falcons signed running back Todd Gurley, he was released by the Los Angeles Rams, who drafted him with the tenth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Since the signing, there has been a lot of talk on Gurley’s production decline as the running back reportedly has arthritis in one of his knees and what the move means for the Falcons who desperately need a run game which was porous in 2019. Well, that’s all to be determined, but what we can have an answer to today is what Gurley’s presence means to the guys in the locker room. Who better to ask than Gurley’s former teammate? Rams’ left tackle Andrew Whitworth recently spoke with Adam Schein of Mad Dog Sports Radio on what the Falcons can expect from Gurley.

“The energy this guy brings in a locker room and really to his team and the way he loves to compete, it’s infectious man,” Whitworth said. “On gamedays I used to always say, he’s one of those guys that you look over at his locker just to see and get your excitement up and how much passion he has for the game.”

“So, you know what, I think they should expect nothing less than that and just on a day-to-day basis – he’s a great human being. I mean, all this success he’s had and all of the things he’s done, I’ve never seen it change him one bit. He takes life real lightly, he likes to joke and have fun, and make a joke out of everything. You know what, he doesn’t take himself too serious for an elite player and I love that about him because you know what, he’s a human being first. That’s what’s really cool about Todd, and it’s something that’ll be infectious to other guys on that team as they have success.”

Everyone has their differing opinions on if the Falcons signing Gurley was a good move or not. Personally, I love the move. The Falcons are only attached to Gurley for one season, unless they decide to extend the 24-year old running back.

The biggest question is and will be his health. Something not up for debate is what he’ll mean for ticket sales and the guys in the locker room.