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Falcons release OL John Wetzel, again

Wetzel has been off and on this Falcons roster more in the last 12 months than we can count.

Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have released offensive lineman John Wetzel. Again.

A brief Google search for “Falcons cut John Wetzel” turns up over a million results, perfectly matching the number of times he’s been signed and cut over the last 12 months. A perfectly fine, versatile offensive lineman, Wetzel signed in April of last year and was cut in August, signed in September, cut in October, re-signed in December, and cut again today.

After spending some time with the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, Wetzel was signed by the Falcons last offseason to help bolster the much-needed offensive line depth. In all, he was cut and brought back five times, getting very little game action along the way.

There’s likely to be more cuts in the near future as the CBA is potentially ratified, and is likely what’s held up roster moves across the league. With how comfortable the Falcons were adding and releasing Wetzel, it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of him in Atlanta. When starters Wes Schweitzer (who is set to become a free agent) and rookie Chris Lindstrom went down with injuries, Wetzel is who the team called up to the roster, and he could be called upon again once the dust settles on the offseason.

Let’s hope wherever he lands, he gets to stay there.